BACK TO BASICS – The Evolution of Scientist Species

pumpkins AUTHOR : Charles Darwin

TITLE : On the Origin of Species


Do you remember in the film “Matrix” that famous and amazing scene in which Neo has to choose between two pills, one red and the other one blue? Yes? Perfect! Because “On the Origin of Species”, when it was published, had the same impact as Neo had when ate the red pills. And he saw a new world outside.

Darwin also in 1830 saw a new world when he travelled on “The Beagle” on an exciting survey expedition. He took many notes during his voyage, and after that he continued his observations at home. This huge work was gathered in many essays, but “Origin of Species” is the best known.

The main and famous topic, introduced by Darwin, was the theory that populations evolve through a process of natural selection based on  their strongest and most useful characteristics to survive in their habitat. We have to remember that, before Darwin, other scientists (such as Lamarck and Linneus) tried to understood better the working of Nature.

Nowadays, thanks to this cornerstone, scientists have impreoved their knowledge of biology. Nevertheless we must not forget that in Darwin’s time the essay and the theory of evolution weren’t easily accepted, either by the Scientific Community or by the Church, inflaming furious debates for years. Fortunately the revolution of biology took place.

“On the Origin of Species” is not a simple book to read. In fact the old style and the multitude of examples make the book seem long-minded and rather verbose by todays standards.

However, in my opinion, once in your life you should read a page of “On the Origin of Species”. Do it with the same respect that you have when you listen to some past episodes by your grandfather because both have contributed to changing the world and have made our history.



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