Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I am an Italian reading-addicted girl. I studied literature at the high school. The reading of ancient poems, novels and hundreds of texts embedded themselves into my heart. Then, I attended college and those years passed with heavy books for company. They taught me another story: the beautiful language of science. These two passions have remained with me.

Now, I would like to share them with you on this blog. So, what is my purpose? It is to demonstrate that scientific work (essays, biographies, novels, etc…) are interesting! Really!

Obviously, it is no coincidence that the title of this blog contains the name of the father of the theory of evolution. The evolution of the reader could be a positive revolution for his or her mind and point of view.

Finally , why do I choose to write a blog in English? A large part of Italian guys don’t speak and write in correctly and fluently English. I don’t want be one of them. For this reason this blog is like a “gym” for me. Please, readers, let me know if you discover any mistakes! I would appreciate it very much.

My first post is finished. For my first review a little more patient!

                                                       Have a nice read!


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